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About Us

Our mission is simple; we offer our community an enriching, eco-friendly and affordable shopping experience. Parents shouldn’t have to spend big bucks to have the best for their children. We pride ourselves in providing a “like new”, happy & friendly shopping environment.


Little Bird is a locally owned and operated kids consignment & retail store nestled in the heart of beautiful Midtown Ventura. Founded in 2011


Little Bird was hatched from a vision of our up and coming eco-conscious society. The concept of consignment has been tried and true for affordability in an economical downturn, and is now in the spotlight for the good that it does for our Earth;  recycling and keeping our landfills free from no longer used baby & kids goods.


Our vision is simple; a warm and inviting atmosphere with amenities that cater to growing families. We know you have other things to spend your hard earned money on, clothing & equipment that kids outgrow so quickly shouldn't be one of them.


Meet Our Team

Lupe Lane

Founder & Owner of Little Bird


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Store Manager


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