Frequently asked questions

What is consignment?

Consignment generally means that we sell items brought in by you to our base of customers on your behalf. Items put on consignment remain your property in our store under an agreement for a period of 2 months. We only profit if you profit. You only get paid out for any items that sell.

How are you different than a thrift store?

Although we also sell gently loved items, we do NOT receive items on donation like a thrift store. Our items are hand picked from local families bringing in their goods to sell. In addition we go the extra mile and provide a clean, warm & organized envirornment to shop in. We love providing a easy shopping experience!

What happens when my items sell?

Great news! If you put your items on consignment that means you have funds to cash out or spend at Little Bird and your items were recyled to a new family. Win, Win! Feel free to track your items and sales via our online portal with the logins that you were given when you set up your account :D

When & how can I cash out my account?

We cut checks for consignment accounts on the 15th of every month. If you would like to request a check for the items sold in your account you must submit an online request to us by 5pm on the 10th of the month to be put on that months check run. Checks are ready for pick up on or after the 15th. In the event the 15th falls on a day that our store is closed it will be available the following business day.

What do you do with unsold items?

If you opt to pick up your unsold items, you will be assigned a pick up window at the time of drop off. Items not picked up during your assigned window will automatically be donated. If you opt to donate any unsold items, you will NOT receive a pick up window and your items will be pulled and donated to one of our many local charities including Rachel's Closet, Tender Life Maternity, Ventura County Pregnancy Center or the Southcoast Fellowship clothing pantry.

What if I just want to trade my items for other items in the store?

That's a GREAT option! We love it when families grow with our store! We do offer an "on the spot" trade option for store credit. The items that we hand pick from your drop off will be priced on the spot and you will receive half of the resale total in immediate store credit. No need to wait for your items to sell! We pay you in store credit for ALL of the items that we take. You can use your credit same day or bank it for later!

Do you take anything and everything?

As much as we would like to appease everyone, our shop is small and we can only take in items that we can immediately put on our sales floor. We do our very best to take as many items that we can from you based on our customers needs and wants, backed by our sales data. We pride ourselves in hand picking the very best items for our community. In addition, there are just some items that we can never take.. These include: - Bedding - Used Car Seats - Crib Manufactured before 2012 - Diaper Pails - Used feeding supplies - Wipe & bottle warmers - Knick knacks & decor - Breast Pumps - Recalled items - Vintage toys that have not been lead tested - Used undergarments - Stuffed Animals - Handmade items

How do you price items?

We price based on demand, sizing and brand. We can't share our exact formula, however, you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to shop our racks prior to dropping off items. We do our best to be fair to both our consignors and shoppers! Don't want to drive over? Check out our online store >>

When can I bring in items and how much can I bring?

Due to Covid-19, we have changed the way we need to do intake. We are currently taking items by appointment only! Our store is still primarly operating online so we are very limited on the items we can take. Please read & follow the Covid-19 drop off guidelines Always check our website to see what items we need. If the items you have fit our current needs then you can book an appointment here We currently have a one plastic tote or two reuseable bag maximum If you have larger items like equipment or furniture feel free to text us prior to loading them up to see if its something we can take and/or have space for 805-667-8232

Why do you have limits on how much I can bring in?

Well the short answer is time & space. Your appointment is 30 minutes long our schedule is ongoing with appointments. So to speed up our wait time we HAVE to have limits in place. In addition, our store is on the smaller side and we can't accomadate a huge cleanout. So we ask that you only bring in your most current outgrown items, not items that you have saved for years :)

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